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The new - global and digital - way for kids to make new friends


The world is connected and so are children. At this live masterclass we will discover new - and safe - approaches on how to help kids to make the best use of the digital interactions and make global friends.


It will be a fun, practical and efficient masterclass FOR PARENTS.

You just need to join this WhatsApp group and wait for the link to watch our FREE LIVE GLOBAL MASTERCLASS for parents.


For those who want their kids to interact with children from different countries

For those who care about the way their children are preparing for an increasingly digital and global world

For those who prioritize children's off-screen time but understand that they were born in the digital age

For those who understand that the digital world is a tool, and that it can be used in a way to facilitate and enhance children's development


Live class on February 18th

The time will be defined later according to the time zones

Exclusive community on WhatsApp

Interactive meeting on Zoom

Recorded class on YouTube (only for the group)

Warm hearted Brazilian, Teacher Juninho has been developing activities with kids for the last 9 years and is a specialist on Business Pedagogy, Corporate Education and EdTech (Education and Technology).

This charismatic 31 years old has a global experience: had the chance to take a year of high school in the USA, has an Italian citizenship and recently explored new ways to develop educational activities in Norway, Switzerland and even as a volunteer instructor in a Danish school.

I am Carol Ribeiro, mother of a creative preteen girl and a smart rock-fan boy. I’ve been studying child development for more than 10 years. I`ve concluded several courses on the area, being “Counscious Parenting Mastery” by Dr. Shefali from Mindvalley University the most recent one.

In 2018, I fulfilled my dream of helping mothers and fathers to find new ways to improve parenting skills creating top-rated courses for parents. Today I act as parental mentor and coordinate a group of over 50 Child Development Specialists in Brazil.

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